Cartoonist and illustrator in Chicago.
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160-page handmade comix/art anthology co-edited and published with Jack Reese and Andrew Alexander in 2016. Multiple printing processes, inserts and other wild surprises. More info here.

"The care and dedication that would be required to construct the physical object borders on obsessive...As much an experience as it is a work of art."Sequential State

Adam Amram
Josh Bayer
Chelsea Elizabeth Birenberg
Daphne Brophy
Danielle Chenette
G.W. Duncanson
Abraham El Makawy
Alejandra Fernandez + Tom Eichacker
Andy Gabrysiak
Curtis Godino
Lane Graff
Michael Hawkins
Ed Leme
Julia Liu
Devon McFarland
Ben Mendelewicz
Shala Miller
Talya Modlin
Vinnie Neuberg
Breanne Pak
Gary Panter
Tommi Parrish
Laura Perez Harris
A.T. Pratt
Katy Stubbs
Gaby Tirone
Beatrix Urkowitz
Nathan Ward